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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Discover With Dr Cool Amethyst Crystal Growing Kit Review


I love activities that have educational value, for both kids and adults. It's even better when it is fun and hands-on. Discover with Dr. Cool offers many different kits that allow kids to learn about science, do hands-on experiments and see real specimens. I received an Amethyst Crystal Growing Kit to explore. 
The kit came with everything we needed and was very easy to understand. There was an activity booklet with games and puzzles and an Adventure Guide that contains the easy to follow instruction as well as lots of great information and facts about crystals. 

~ Did You Know: The salt on your table is a crystal

Reading the guide was just as interesting for me and it was my son! We learned things we didn't know about how crystals form and some of the many uses of different types of crystals in our daily lives. 
Amethyst, like the one in our kit, has been a highly prized gemstone and has been found in the tombs of Egyptian Pharaohs. 

The purple color comes from the iron impurities in the surrounding area when the crystal was forming. 

Interestingly, if amethyst is heated to a high enough temperature, around 900º - 1300º F, it will turn yellow-orange or yellow brown and will look very much like citrine, another variety of quartz. The original color can be restored by hitting the stone with x-rays!

~ Did You Know: The largest crystal ever found was a beryl crystal that measured 59 FEET long, 11. feet in diameter. It was estimated to weigh 418 tons!

The name of this gem, comes from the Greek word meaning "not intoxicated"because it was thought the amethyst would keep a person from getting drunk. It has also been considered a calming influence that promotes healing, happiness, and peace. I knew there was a reason purple was my favorite color! 

We mixed up the experiment, following the directions and are currently watching to see how big it can grow. I will add some more photos once ours grows. I am excited by the whole process! 

My son is a little older but young ones will find this fascinating too! These kits are great for growing an interest in science at a young age and would even make great examples for science class. They will have fun learning and will be excited to see the end result. 

You can find the Amethyst Crystal Growing Kit as well as many other fun and educational science kits at the Discover With Dr. Cool website. I encourage you to check them out. These make great Christmas gifts!


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