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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Book Review: Coffee Dates From Hell

I have never been on a coffee date. After reading Coffee Dates From Hell, I'm not entirely sure I would go on one! Although I suppose it would be preferable to a dinner date gone wrong, because at least on a coffee date, you can escape the situation quicker. 

Coffee Dates From Hell is a satirical look at what can and does happen when two people meet for the first time. It is very tongue-in-cheek humor. The humor is often silly, irreverent, and politically incorrect.
The humorous, bizarre, imagined coffee date match ups involve both famous people and ordinary citizens. The match ups are interspersed with stories of Coffee Shops from Hell, coffee shop ideas that may have seemed like a good idea, but went all wrong and Coffee Date Diaries that detail these meetings from a single person's perspective. 

There are tips on what NOT to do on a first coffee date, such as: 
~ Pay for your coffee with a big bag of pennies
~ Perform a ventriloquist act with your belly button. :o
~ Talk about your hemorrhoids

Tips on what NOT to wear to your coffee dates:
~ Your wedding ring!
~ Any shirt splattered with blood
~ A t-shirt that says "Warning: Explosive Gas!"

Coffee Dates From Hell is deliciously twisted humor. It made for a delightfully lighthearted read that left me chuckling. You will probably see a few people you know or have met in the conversations that ensue. If you've ever been on coffee dates, some of these encounters may ring quite true. Heck, if you've ever met PEOPLE for any reason, some of these ring true!

I enjoyed reading this book. It was a nice distraction from all the serious stuff that surrounds us everyday. I liked reading a few of the meetings in the evenings. There's nothing like a good laugh to end your day on a positive note! I found thinking of pairings of my own. What if Jean-Luc Picard met that girl I know that can only talk in Twitter-speak? 

I hope to read more from this author. Jim Tilberry's humor is wonderfully offbeat, politically incorrect and like the cream in coffee, it swirls and twists, simultaneously delighting and surprising. 

You can find Coffee Dates From Hell on Amazon.com.

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