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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Venturing Into Something New

My mom and I recently started a new business doing balloon decor for parties, events, businesses, weddings and more. We have been clowning for several years now so working with balloons isn't new to us, it's just different than making a balloon dog! We did a birthday party last weekend that was so much fun to set up and even more fun to hear about what a great time everyone had! It was a 16th Birthday party and they were going to turn out the lights and use a black light, so we used neon balloons.

We decorated the tables with these, made with different color combinations.

These were the columns they requested.

We made 25 of  these clusters for the ceiling. Not well seen with the lights on, but each cluster had a strand of LED lights in them. We were able to see the effect when they posted a short video once the party got started and it was totally awesome! The lights had three settings: solid, blink and fast blink. They chose fast blink, and after they tuned off all the lights they really showed up!

And at the entrance.....they came in through our arch. 

Some wide shots of the room......

This was so much fun to do! Seeing their excitement and being told how totally thrilled a customer is with your work is so wonderful! 

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