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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Anytime Costumes Two Tone Pink Women's Wig Review

With Halloween sneaking up on us, you will likely start seeing all kinds of outfits and costumes. I am a clown and get to dress up all year round! It is a total blast and we get rewarded when we hand a balloon to a child and their eyes are filled with wonder and a grin covers their adorable little face!
My parents both graduated from clown school. My niece was with them through all of it and learned alongside them. My sister-in-law and I began helping out as they started getting hired to paint faces and make balloon animals for events. Mom helped sew costumes and we all gathered to share some of the make up and accessories. One of the accessories I used was a wig that mom had bought while in school. And while it is a fine wig, it is in the same style as the one she wears and I am constantly getting confused for her. We look a lot alike anyway so it isn't terribly surprising, but still....
I was looking for a different style and I found that Anytime Costumes had hundreds of stylish wigs! They graciously allowed me to review one and share my thought with you. 
This wig is totally fun and versatile! The bright and vibrant two toned shades of pink are fun all by themselves, but it also includes some kicky pigtails that add volume and dimension! Adding whimsical hair extensions and other accessories just add to the versatility. You can have so much fun with this! 
The wig is a little heavier than the one I am used to (it is quite a bit longer), especially with the pigtails attached, but the fit is great. It has an elastic band to help tighten for smaller heads. I haven't gotten to wear it for an event yet, but during my "dress up" session, it didn't slip at all. even as I changed accessories, it stayed put. The wig hair is soft and luxurious feeling, not coarse at all. The pigtails attach with claw type clips and they held firm and didn't slip or come loose.
I love the pink because it stand out against my purple and black clown clown costume. I do wish it were available in a few different colors like two-tone green or black with hot pink streaks. Anytime Costumes has so many to choose from, I'll probably order another so I can change up my look once in awhile! 
If you or your kids are still trying to decide what to be for Halloween, I urge you to have a look at Anytime Costumes! They have many, many costume ideas and everything you need to go with them. You'll be able to find everything from costumes and accessories to make up and props. Mix and match to create your own unique character or look! If you're like me, you'll have a hard time choosing because there is so much to choose from!   

Will you be dressing up for Halloween? What are you planning to be? 

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