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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day 2014

You might have guessed from the photo, my Dad is FUN! He's a hard worker too, but when the work is done, he has a smile on his face.... especially when he is about to go for a ride! He is loving having a bike again! I'm sitting here trying to organize my thoughts as the hours tick closer to Father's Day. 
I remember many of the places we have lived over all these years. We have been from one side of the country and back again. He was in the Navy when I really little. I remember living on a base, I remember living in the desert, I remember a very tiny apartment. I remember living in several different states.
Mostly I remember the fun my siblings and I had growing up. With very few exceptions, we had a childhood a lot of people would envy. As adults, we have relationships with our parents that I think many people would envy as well. We get along, we love each other and we have a lot of fun together. My sister shares a love of cooking and baking cakes with Dad. My brother shares the love of making things, cars and other "guy stuff". I share my love of art, photography and now clowning. 

My parents weren't the strictest parents I knew, but they also weren't the most lenient. There were rules and there were consequences for breaking them. I am so grateful for that. Even now I think I took for granted that we were very loved and we were loved well. We still are! My siblings and I are very, very fortunate!
This Father's Day I am finding myself reflecting on so much. A few of my friends have recently lost their Dads and this will be their first father's Day without them. I find my heart aching for them. I don't know what kind of relationships they had, but I know they loved them. I know they are missing their Dads right now and that this day of all days is going to be very, very hard on them. They will be on my mind even as I get to hug my Dad. I am so very grateful for my Dad. He has meant so much to my life and been such a huge part of me becoming the person I am. His example in my life led me to marry a man that has been a wonderful husband and father. I feel blessed that my son has a Dad that is very present in his life and sets a good example for him. He's always there for us and makes sure we have the things that are needed.
Happy Father's Day to my Dad, my husband and my father-in-law. These are the men that have not only changed my life, but made me better for having them in it! 

If you still have your Dad with you, be sure to let him know he is appreciated and loved. And for my friends missing their Dads, you are in my thoughts and prayers. I pray you can refresh those happy memories and relive those happy moments and perhaps smile a little smile with the knowledge that your Dad loved you.

Love the people you love and love them well.


Happy Father's Day!

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