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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Great 2014 Freeze In

The weather reports were coming in. Huge freeze headed our way. Right after some rain. And a possibility of .... S-N-O-W. The "S" word! Here in the South, that one word is enough to clear store shelves of bread and milk in a matter of hours. People start panicking and freaking out like that one word equals Armageddon. I grew up "out west" and was pretty used to Winter before ending up down here. I actually had a hard time breathing in all this humidity when I first arrived! From the time I was in first grade, we  walked to school in freezing, snowy weather and I guess we didn't think that much about it. Winter arrives in late October or early November and doesn't leave until Sometime in the middle of the following year. Just one of those things... it's there so long, you have an entire wardrobe that consists of snow suits, snow pants, snow boots, bubble coats, scarves, tons of hats and a bazillion pairs of gloves. We rarely if ever had a "snow day". So the first couple of years in the South had me just sitting back in amazement at the reaction to a dusting of snow. Over the years the bread and milk phenomenon seems to have only grown. I have never seen anything like it. 
I had not gotten groceries in like 5 weeks so Sunday we went to get them. We wisely went early. Most people were either not out yet or were headed to church. We shopped around, taking our time... I did notice there were some empty places on some shelves, but nothing really major.... curiously on my way to get our pet foods, I passed the shelves where they display the "passion" gels and lubricants and those shelves were wiped out with the exception of a few bottles of the more expensive stuff. Guess we'll know if those came in handy sometime between now and say October! Other than that our trip was uneventful. As we left the crowd was growing and cars were beginning to steam into the parking lot. Got home put things away. A few hours later friends started talking about not being able to get milk and bread. Then they started posting photos... the same aisles that had been stocked with plenty when we were there looked like the Grinch had paid a visit! Not even a crumb.... I don't don't know of this happening in any other part of the country.

Now I will say the temps since Sunday have been COLD. This is only about the second time it has been this cold in the years that I have lived here. We took care of out pets, made sure they were protected. We've hung out inside the house, playing and watching movies. The little guy's school cancelled for two days so he has had a very long Christmas break! But that ends tomorrow. I was disappointed that we didn't get any snow or even ice up where we live. I was looking forward to getting some photos. Oh well...I'll hope for next time... not to alarm anyone in the state, but we HAVE had snow storms at then end of March before! Don't all rush out and buy milk and bread at once, okay?

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