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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Amish Bread Update - Strawberry!

I am in LOVE! I was finally able to make the Strawberry Amish Bread I mentioned in my original post with the Amish Bread Recipe.
It was FABULOUS! I was baking it at 2 AM so it would be ready for a family get together and I didn't think about taking a photo of it, but I will add one to this post when I make the next batch that will be ready in a few more days. It was so good I couldn't wait to share! 
I used Strawberry Creme pudding mix and after mixing in all the ingredients in the recipe, I mixed in about a cup of frozen strawberries that I had cut and sliced into various sizes. I ended up baking it in my bundt pan and it was awesome. It was a hit at the get together and only a small bit of it came back home with me! I also made a butterscotch batch at the same time and it turned out great too. It also went to the get together and only a small bit of it remained as well. The only thing I would add to that the next time I make it, is some butterscotch baking chips. If you have started making Amish bread or are thinking of trying it and you like strawberries, I can highly recommend you try using the strawberry pudding and real strawberries!
You can find the recipe I use as well as more of my notes on my original Amish Bread post

This one wasn't as perfect as the first, but it's okay. This one is just for us! At least the one that went to the get together came out perfectly intact! :)

I'd love to hear what flavors or combinations you have tried! 

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