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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Thankful Day 5

I am thankful for our pets! I love these furry little critters! Even when they are not ...eh behaving! Our little zoo is constantly bringing smiles to my face and making me laugh out loud. 
Rusty (the darker of our two dogs) "talks" to me. And yes I talk to all our fur babies. Out loud!

Cotton (Rusty's brother) is so sweet and loves getting his ears rubbed. His sister gets him in way more trouble than he would ever get into on his own!

Spot (the striped cat) is the dogs pet. We've had him since he was a bitty kitten and wanted him to be an indoor cat, but he had other ideas. He began darting out the front door every time it opened. We had showed Spot to the dogs early on and let them visit each other at the door. I figured if he wanted to go out he should be in the fenced back yard. I also figured a day with the dogs and he would WANT to be back in the house... WRONG. Those dogs lick him and clean him like he is a pup!

We also have Thumper (white bunny) and Chloe (brown bunny) They both love getting their noses rubbed. Chloe is fairly easy going and laid back. She gets upset and tense when out of the cage. The both hate getting their nails clipped, but love getting back into their cage after I've cleaned it. They have one of those (cat toy) balls with a bell inside and they like to throw it around. When Thumper gets mad at me she gets into a back corner of the cage with her back to me and refuses to respond to me talking to her. If I pet her she'll turn her head away so I can't see her face. When she is ready to like me again, she turns around and lets me rub her nose. 

They're all so funny and cool with their own "personalities". We love them so much and I am thankful for all they bring to our family

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