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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Light Bulb Snowman Craft

I can not deny, I am one of those crazy people that saves blown light bulbs so when inspiration strikes, I'll have them to work with. I had to change a bulb one evening a few weeks back and still had the bulb in my hand when I walked back into my living room and saw my twining project I have been working on. I have painted on light bulbs before and the thought occurred to me to use yarn, so I began playing with it. Here's the ornament I made


Here's a few of the materials I used:
- Blown lightbulb
- White glue
- E6000
- White and Black Yarn
- Cardboard or left over packaging
You can use whatever works for you. I had yarn so that what I used for my snowman and to cover the cardboard hat I fashioned, but you can use felt, construction paper or paint. You can also use whatever you like to make the face. Buttons, beads, colored paper, rocks, almost anything you like. (In the photo above)I had a little pre-made hat from my stash , but it  ended up being too small for this project. I also had some ideas about using the scrap pieces of yarn, but ended up not using them this time.

I put one line of E6000 at the edge where the silver meets the glass of the bulb. It begins curing pretty quickly and gave me a little strength to keep the yarn a little taut. I then put white glue on the lightbulb and wrapped the lightbulb with yarn. I worked in sections so I could keep the rows close together and not have glue dripping off. I let it dry just a few minutes before applying more glue. Be careful not to pull the yarn too tightly once you get to the larger part of the bulb or it will slide around and bunch up. I was pulling my yarn from the skein so it is a single long piece that covers the whole bulb.

I made the hat out of the packaging from some Avery labels. It is thin cardboard material. You could also use a larger diameter cardboard tube. I again worked in sections and used a wooden stick from an ice cream bar to put the rows of yard together to close gaps. I did the flat part of the top with one piece of yarn, then used one piece for the round part and top of the brim. I used one last piece to do the underside of the brim since it will show once it's on my snowman. 

For the face, I used little black balls that come from my Canna Lily plants after they flower. I had some pieces of coal, but ended up not using them.The nose is a foam carrot I had in my craft stash. I cut it down to fit the size of the face.

Once I had the face glued on, I used an X-acto knife to cut two small slits in the top of the hat and slipped the ribbon through the slits.

I adjusted the ribbon to the length I wanted and cut some off the ends. I then used the E-6000 to glue the ends to the sides of the silver top of the light bulb. Once that dried, I covered the tip of the bulb with E-6000 and slid the hat down onto the bulb, pulling the ribbon through. Now the ribbon and the hat are both glued to the bulb to give strength for hanging on the Christmas tree.

Ta Da! 

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