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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Going To The County Fair

Saturday night we took our son and two of his cousins to the Fair. I usually get to take the Little guy to the fair once or twice, but I usually grab one of his other cousins and it's the three of us. This year we had a crowd! The Big Guy is a Lion's Club member, so he was working in the snack bar for a few hours so Granny, PawPaw, the three kids and I hit the rides and the midway to play games.

Granny and the kids

~~*~~ Fun & Games ~~*~~

Waiting for our turn to ride the Ferris Wheel

Looking out from the Ferris Wheel

Arial View from the Ferris Wheel

Taking a break to eat

My Blanket won first place!
Second place for my woven bag
(if there is no other entry in the category,
second place is awarded) 

Waiting to go.....

Lifting off!

The YoYo through my 3-D lens

LEAN!!! Trying to make it really spin!

Playing the Ping Pong ball game, trying to win fish
Throwing darts at balloons
They got me to ride this!!!!

Fish, Funnel Cakes and we were finished!

The Ferris Wheel With my 3-D lens

We had a lot of fun, but were a little disappointed that some rides we were looking forward to riding were not there this year. I was really looking forward to riding what used to be called the Round-Up. It was there last year, but they didn't bring it back. :(

Do you go to the Fair in your town? What's your favorite ride?


Anonymous said...

Aww I love taking out kids to the fair. Love all the photos :)

Carol McDonald said...

Fairs are great, and I love the rides but I go for the food. I love Carnival/Fair food.