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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Photo-A-Day ~ 02-19-13

Day 19

I Am.....

Making dinner! 
Homemade spaghetti for my guys tonight! I love making this for a couple of reasons... first is because the little guy loves it so much and I will never ever forget the day I was sitting at the lunch table at school with him and for my lunch that day I had taken the left overs from the night before. When he saw what I had he wanted some on his plate and as I was putting it on his plate he loudly announce to all the school mates sitting around us that they were missing out because this was THE BEST spaghetti in the whole world!  I mean my heart just about burst! 
Another reason I love making it is because it is one of those dishes that literally saves me money over buying the jars of sauce, and there is plenty for me to have lunch the next day or freeze for later. 

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