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Sunday, July 17, 2011

More Projects....

The above photos were taken by the lady I bought the loom from.  
   While I wait (and pray) that the garden will produce something, I've started another one of my projects: The weaving loom. I began weaving by hand a few years ago and found that I love it! It didn't take long for me to start dreaming of own an actual loom. I recently bought an old Union rug loom that was in need of some love. I felt like it was in decent shape and that with some work, it would be great. Of course finding somewhere to put it when it's finished will be a whole new adventure! For now, it is on the back porch.
   I worked on it for just a little while last week but it was so hot I wrapped it back up. Saturday's weather was great. Windy, chance of rain and much cooler that it has been, so I unwrapped it and got to work. I was nervous to even touch it. I have never done something like this and the thought of ruining it terrified me. It's time consuming and dirty work, but I am so stoked! I have rubbed some of the wood with Scotch Brite pads and it is so wonderfully smooth. Most of the metal parts are heavy duty cast iron. They have some rust on them but even that seems to be cleaning up nicely. The rust on the reed concerned me, but even that is cleaning up pretty well so far. I get excited all over again every time I stand back a just look at it! I am very anxious to make progress because I am planning to attend my first fiber guild meeting in just a few weeks. I am hoping to meet others that can help me learn what will be for me, a "new" way to weave.

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