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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Freebies Sites I Use

     I love getting freebies! Who doesn't, right? To get them often takes a little work and patience, but it is exciting to go to the mailbox each day to see what is waiting or come home to find a box waiting at the door. I began signing up for free stuff over a year ago. In that time I have gotten some really great items. Jose Cuervo did a giveaway that lasted several weeks and I received several large plastic margarita balls, salt rimmers, plastic pitchers, a shaker, and several sets of margarita glasses. I have gotten a couple of Gillette Fusion razors, lots of cereal samples, samples of snacks, household cleaners, posters, etc. More recently I have received a gift pack from Scrubbing bubbles that included an Automatic Shower Cleaner with the solution, full size bottle of Fantastic cleaner, package of Vanish Drop-ins and a cute rubber Scrubby figurine. I have also gotten free flower and vegetable seeds, sandal wash, Swiffer dusters, lots of shampoo and conditions samples to try, 9 boxes of various brands of Hair color, hats, stickers, Joby nail art, Fiber One Brownies and too many coupons for free products to count.
     I subscribe to several newsletters and and freebie sites to keep up with the most current. One of the best sites is Hey It's Free. The links are tested before being posted to weed out the fake sites that have invariably cropped up to. You can also find Hey It's Free on Facebook and when you LIKE them, you'll get their posts in your feed.  There are others that are great resources for free stuff, coupons and great deals: Carolina Couponer, Kip's Free Stuff, Wicked Cool Deals, A Freebie Empire. 
     I try to find at least a couple freebies or samples I am interested in everyday and fill out the forms. By doing this is creates a fairly regular and continuous stream of goodies flowing into my mailbox. I will warn  you: once the first few freebies arrivein your mailbox, you too will become addicted! :) 

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