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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Hope Shines A Light Into The Darkest Moments #TheGarden #Flyby

#TheGarden  #FlyBy

Have you ever had felt so discouraged that you thought there was no way out? In times like those it can almost seem as if the air you breathe is trying to suffocate you instead of sustain you. Life seems to lose it's color and things are drab and dark. The veil of despair can blind you to the beauty around you. But then there is hope. Hope can be sneaky, slipping though the veil like a tiny flower poking through a crack in the concrete. Hope offers so much, you don't even stop to ask HOW the flower grows there! Hope can be a bright light bearing down on you, forcing it's way through the veil of despair, refusing to not be seen. Not matter how it presents itself, hope is always there, waiting to be acknowledged.