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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Crisp, Clean Water With A NewAir Water Dispenser

Read below to find out how you can win your very own water dispenser from NewAir!

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You've probably seen the news about the trouble that has has been brewing around water systems across the county. Flint, Michigan comes to mind immediately, but there are others. It's pretty scary when you think about it. 
Where we live, a few people have well water that tastes amazing. Those of us without wells, have the chemically treated water that comes through the county system. There are days when the water smells so strongly I can't bring myself to drink it. I find it compelling that even as we're told drink more water, the water is being made intolerable to drink!  It's made especially difficult because I don't usually drink anything else. I cut out sodas a long time ago and a few months ago when I cut out sugar, I quite drinking juices and sweet tea. I only drink plain water and if I want flavor, I add real lemons, True Lemon or True Lime powder. 

I was incredibly grateful and extremely excited to receive a water dispenser from New Air to review. I had done a little research, trying to determine if this would be an alternative to our tap water so the timing was absolutely perfect. 

I was a little nervous since I had never had one of these. I was afraid the set up would be difficult or confusing, but it ended up being the easiest thing! My biggest challenge was accelerating the re-arranging we were already trying to do in the kitchen area. The dispenser itself comes out of the box, slides into place and is ready for the bottle of water. I mean E-A-S-Y! 

New Air has several different models and I chose one that loads from the bottom, because being short, I wasn't sure I could lift a 5 gallon bottle up for a top loading dispenser. I am extremely happy with the choice! This one makes it easy for me to change the bottle quickly and without hurting myself.
The NewAir WAT-40 unit is easy to manuever and without the bottle of water inside, you can move it into place when it arrives without any strain on yourself. This unit features both hot and cold water taps. My husband loves being about dispense hot water for a cup of hot cocoa! I love that the cold water is cold enough to be refreshing, without totally freezing my teeth.  

The unit has a very functional design. The water levers press easily and it fills a glass quickly. The hot water tap has a safety button to protect little ones from getting burned. If they reach up and press the lever, nothing will come out. The button has to be pressed for the lever to function and hot water to come out. Each of the taps also has an on/off switch on the back of the unit, so you can completely turn off one or both of them. The dispenser is Energy Star rated for efficiency. It is als overy quiet! I don't even hear it running unless I am right next to it. There are indicator lights on the front letting you know that the unit is powered on, heating, cooling and if the bottle is empty.

Here a quick video showing the features of the WAT40 water dispenser:

And this one shows how easy it is to use!

I had not heard of NewAir before working with them, but I have been using this unit for about a month and I can say without reservation that I not only like the unit, I like the company as well. They are quick with communication, easy to talk with and the products they offer are made with the health and safety of their customers in mind. In addition to the safety features to protect kids, they are looking out for the whole family by making their units BPA free and only using approved materials. With all the benefits, I found they were still priced comparably to other units I had looked at as I browsed for a water dispenser. They offer a selection of dispensers to fit different needs. You can get top load or bottom load models, you can get black or white finishes to match decor and you can use 3 or 5 gallon water bottles. These are great in many environments, too. They work great for having clean, refreshing water whether at home or at work. I am thrilled to pieces with the NewAir WAT40B and can readily recommend it to anyone looking for a simple, easy to use water dispenser. I only wish I had known about them sooner! 


If you would like to learn more, you can check out the different units on the NewAir website. For a limited time they are also hosting a giveaway! Pop over and fill out the ENTRY FORM for a chance to win a NewAir Water Dispenser of your own!

You can also connect with NewAir On Facebook


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