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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Slicing It Up With The #KUUK Potato Chipper #review

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I don't consider myself to be very fluent in the kitchen, but I like playing with and using gadgets that either make a job easier, or make the food fun. This is slicer does that for me! I received the Kuuk Potato Fry Slicer to review and I found it easy to both use and clean! 

It doesn't come with an instruction book, but it is very easy and pretty self explanatory. One blade store on the front, the other stores on the bottom. There is a suction pad on the bottom that works great to hold the unit to the countertop so it doesn't slide around. It works best if you press on the area over the pad while flipping the little lever at the back of the unit. That holds mine super tight and it doesn't budge a bit. 

I peeled my potatoes before slicing them. It does take some pressure on the handle, especially as it gets started. I initially worried I was going to break the handle because it felt just a bit on the wimpy side, but it hasn't broken and the more I have used it, the more comfortable I am about pressing it down with some pressure on it.

There are two blade sizes to choose from - one with a larger cut and one with a smaller cut. To remove or insert a blade, you raise the handle all the way up (and over) to get the parts of the handle all the way out of the slots that are on top of the casing around the blade. You use the ring to pull the blade out or push it into place. When putting in a blade, those slots have to be on top and because of the way I had the unit sitting with the handle to my left, the ring was on the side facing me. If switching blades, you also have to remove the plastic insert from the handle since each is sized to fit the holes of the blades. These also snap on easily and come off easily by pinching the two pieces together that stick through the green plastic.

My potatoes were kind of large for the chute, so I found it worked easier to cut them in half. This unit is not designed to work with sweet potatoes (yams) or any other super dense vegetables. I have used it to slice up my russets and love it. I am going to get some carrots, celery, apples and pears to slice with this. It makes them not only fun, but easier to eat.

The whole thing cleans up really easy with just warm soapy water. Once dry, it packs away with all parts together and nothing to keep up with separately. I like this very much and look forward to much more slicing. It is the good quality I have experienced with other Kuuk products and I expect it to last.


If you have a foodie (or a kitchen gadget hoarder like me) on your gift list, something like the Kuuk Potato Slicer might make a great gift for them! You can find this and other great Kuuk products over at Amazon


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