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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

This Live Infinietly Double Camping Hammock Makes Me Want To Live Outside!

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I love being outdoors. The sounds of nature are so calming, you can just get lost in it. As much as I like my technology, I also like to get away from it sometimes. You don't really realize how much noise all of it makes until you are away from it. The silence can be deafening!

I received the Double Camping Hammock from Live Infinitely to review and I fell in love the moment I laid down in it the first time.
I had wanted a hammock for a long time, but they can be pricey. Especially if you have to get a stand! I also wasn't to keen on putting holes in any of our trees. This hammock uses strap that go around the tree, and doesn't require you to put holes in the tree. That also makes it really great because you can take the hammock with you where ever you go.
This is so incredibly easy to put up. If I can do it, everyone can! It's simply a matter of putting the strap around the tree and doubling it back through the metal ring.

The main thing to remember is that the straps and the hammock both have some initial stretch in them. I initially had my straps too low on the tree and had to raise them. The clue to watch for is if your butt drags the ground when you sit in the hammock for a moment. :) 
Once I positioned the straps high enough, I got in the hammock and AHHHHHhhhhh! It is so light and smooth. There is nothing digging into your back. I just know when Summer rolls back around, I will be sleeping in this thing! It is incredibly comfortable.
Spot knows how to chill

The hammock comes down just as easily as it goes up. I could never leave it up in our backyard because not only would the dogs think it was a chew toy, Spot the cat discovered he liked laying in it with me! He would try to get into it by himself. Cat claws and parachute material are not the best match up.  Thankfully, it is easy to unhook the carabiners and slip the straps off the trees. It takes a few minutes to put up, a few minutes to take down. 
You may get surprises if one of your trees happens to be an Oak tree!

The hammock folds back down into the pouch pocket that is attached to the side and the straps fold up and go into the pouch that came in, making the hammock portable and able to travel with you without adding any great amount of weight. 


I love this hammock and can't wait for blue skies again to get out there and use it. Check out this and other products Live Infinitely has to offer. Every product is made to the highest quality that I trust and love to use. 


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