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Friday, October 9, 2015

I'm Walkin' On Smooth Feet! Thanks To The Rechargeable Callus Remover

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I've never liked wearing shoes for very long. I prefer to be in cozy clothes and no shoes. Or socks. I love walking outside in the grass, my bare feet squishy into the soft green blades, feeling connected to our home. 
I received the Naturalico Rechargeable Callus Remover to review and it does a great job!

While walking around barefoot feels glorious, it does a number on my feet. It leaves them dry with hardened edges that are not so nice feeling. Sometimes they get thick with rough skin and I can see small cracks in the surface of my skin. I especially notice my rough calluses when I lay down to go to sleep and feel my feet against the bed sheets. Icky!

I wasn't sure this cute little callus remover was going to be able to grind away at my knarly hooves! I honestly expected that the battery would run down before I could finsh grinding away at both feet. I also worried about how much it would hurt to sand off my flesh....
Turns out it isn't so bad! In fact it doesn't hurt at all and the results are wonderful. A pleasing result is that it actually felt better to walk after I used the callus remover. And the icky, scratching sound of wild animal paws was gone when I slid into bed. :)
Following the instructions I charged the unit for 16 hours before attempting to use it. Once it was charged it was really easy to use and as I mentioned, it didn't hurt. It also didn't take very long and the battery last for the whole time. It is comfortable to hold and easy to manuever over the surface of the foot. There are two speeds to choose from for your comfort.

Clean up is pretty easy, too. You simply use the included brush to sweep loose debris from the roller head and then take the roller off the handle base and run it briefly under running water and pat it dry. Easy peasy.


It comes with a great pouch for storing the unit in and makes it handy for traveling. You can achieve soft and smooth feet for yourself with the Rechargeable Callus Remover from Naturalico and you can find it over on Amazon. 


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