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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Always Be Prepared With The Acquapura Personal Water Filter Straw

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Seeing the news about water disasters that have occurred lately across the nation had me wondering what people do when they can't use their own water. Then I saw this Acquapura Personal Water Filter Straw. I received one of these to review and this is something that everyone should have in their emergency supplies or or disaster kit. 

We live in a tornado-prone area and suffer power outages quite frequently and even loss of water. During an outbreak in 2011, our entire area was without power and a lot of places were without water. Our house was without power for a little more than two weeks. Most businesses were closed down because without power they couldn't process payments. People were left with what ever cash they had on them before the tornadoes struck. It was a spooky experience because even as our community pulled together and helped each other out, as the hours turned into days and the days into a week, you could sense some panic creeping in. I can only imagine what it can be like in larger cities where there are many more people. 
Aside from the catastrophic things that can happen, being able to get fresh water while hiking or camping is essential as well. This filtration straw filters out the things that can be harmful to you such as Colibacillus, Legionella, chlorine and more. The triple layer filtration removes not only heavy metals and chlorine, but also water-borne illness like those we have been hearing about in the news lately. The first layer is the pre-filter that draws harmful impurities from the water and prevents them from re-entering the flow from the device.  The second layer is an exclusive anti-bacterial activated carbon damping system that eliminates any trace contaminents. The third layer contains Hollow Fiber Ultra Filtration Membrane that stops any of the very rare impurities that survive the first two layers.
There is a backwash syringe inlcuded, so if you were to need to share (especially with younger children) you can clean the device out. The device is also BPA free so that's another contaminate that you don't have to worry about. This device also has threads on the bottom allowing you to connect a water bottle to the device so if you need to collect the water from a stream instead of putting the straw directly into the stream using the pre-filter piece.


I never knew these existed until I saw this one, and now after seeing how it works,  I am planning to stock up on a few more so each member of the family has one in our emergency kit. You can check out the Acquapura Water Filter Straw on Amazon. Be prepared. Be safe.


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