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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Make Pruning Easy! EZ Ratcheting Pruners

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Gardening can be very relaxing and stimulating at the same time. The silence in the air, the gentle sounds of nature. A gentle breeze blowing. Birds singing. It is all so calming. 
One thing that can break the rhythm of the quiet and focus is tool that don't work correctly or break. I was a little anxious about reviewing these these EZY Ratcheting Pruning Shears and giving them a workout, but I can say they are marvelous!

My anxiety stemmed from my experience with previous pruners. Just before getting this opportunity, I had broken a pretty tough pruner. It was metal and I broke it! I was pretty worried I would break these too.
I fell into deep like with these pruners from the first cut. The pruners I broke had worked okay, but sometimes got stuck in a branch and if I worked for a long period of time, my hands were really sore. The EZY Pruners have smooth movement and operation, nearly eliminating the strains on my hands.
These make pruning nearly effortless. Even hardwoods are no match. These will easily cut branches up to 1 inch in diameter without any problem. 
I have begun trying to reshape areas of our backyard. It has involved cutting away large overgrowth of wild, rampant shrubs and these pruners have made the job much easier and faster. The ratcheting action makes pruning very easy on your hands. The pruners do all the work for you! These make it feel like you are cutting through butter instead of wooden branches. I have small to average size hands and these have been comfortable to use and only occasionally have needed to use both hands to open them really wide for the largest branches I have cut. Usually I only have to use one hand and the speed these allow m to work, is making a big difference in how much I can get done in less time. 


The blades have a Teflon coating that helps prevent them from getting gummed up and sticky with sap. Even after cutting with them several times for at least an hour each time, the blades are not sticking and only have a small amount of bark material on them. After using these, I am kind of glad my old pruners broke!


I am thrilled with the EZY Pruners. They are the best yard equipment I have used in a long time! If you want trimming and pruning to be EZYier, these will help! The EZY Pruners are available over on Amazon. They make yard work fun!


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