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Monday, August 17, 2015

Letting In The Fresh Air, Not The Bugs With the Zume Magnetic Screen Door

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After several weeks of really hot, triple digit temperatures, we are getting a dose of some cooler weather, even some rain. I received the Zume Magnetic Screen Door to review and it is lovely for enjoying the cool breezes without being restricted from getting in and out.

The magnetic screen comes out of the box pretty much ready to use. It is a very simple set up that doesn't require tools with the exception of a hammer if the wood of your door frame is a little too hard to push in the tacks with your fingers. 

I hung the magnetic screen on the metal frame of a sliding glass door and so could not use the tacks on that, but the velcro strip stuck to it really tight and worked out great. It held tight and didn't allow gaps. I love this instead of the sliding screen that is part of the sliding door set up. The sliding screen doesn't slide very smooth and it is tough to open and close, especially if you have anything in your hands.
Installing the screen is quick and simple. I did it myself, but it would be helpful to have a helper so one of you can hold it up to check the measurements and the alignment with the frame. You want to make sure the bottom is less than one centimeter off the ground to keep creepy crawlys from venturing inside. For the sides, you'll want to make sure there they lay flat without pulling too tightly so the magnets will close together completely. While holding it up off the ground, you can align the magnets by pulling the panels apart and letting them snap closed again. I found it easy to place the velcro strips with the white backing paper on the strips that are sewn into the screen and then holding it back up to the frame and peeling off the backing paper as I moved from across the top, then down the side panels, pressing the sticky side to the frame at the same time that I made sure there were no gaps. You'll want to pay close attention and smooth the edges down flat and tight to avoid gaps that could allow critters to sneak into your abode. The tacks can be used for extra strength, especially across the top. Simply push them through where the velcro strips are and into the wood of the door frame.

The magnetic screen opens easily by just pushing in the middle and snaps closed quickly. This is great if you are carrying something because you don't have to set it down or try to balance stuff with one hand to open anything. If you have pets that go in and out, they can usually push through as well and you don't have to go back and forth to the door to let them in and out. 
The screen has a nice decorative valance across the top that gives is some elegance and adds decor to the doorway. This screen worked really great for the sliding doorway where I hung it and can be easily removed when needed, leaving the sticky sided velcro in place and ready for me to hang the screen the next time.


The screen worked great for this opening and I am pleased with the quality and performance of the mesh. It is strong and durable, everything we needed in a screen. You can enjoy the Summer and  Fall breezes with the Zume Screen Door by picking it up over on Amazon. 


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