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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Keeping Dogs On A Short Leash.... Or A Long One! With The Cloud 9 Retractable Leash

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We have a huge backyard that our dogs rule over, so most days I don't have to put them on a leash. However, I like to put them on the leash and walk them around so they don't misbehave when take them away from home.
I was so excited to try out this The Cloud 9 Retractable Dog Leash because it has wonderful benefits over a regular leash.

Our dogs are quite large. Thankfully they are very good natured and pretty well behaved. Just big 'ol lovey doveys most of the time. But they are so big they sometimes don't know their own strength.
With a regular leash the length works against me because they have the entire length and there is no way to bring them closer if needed without hurriedly grabbing it hand over hand or keeping a big wad of the leash wrapped around my hand.
I have loved everything about the Cloud 9 leash. It allows me to give our pups room to roam up to 15 feet, but very easily retracts and compels them to come back or stay closer to me without any hard tugging or pulling. 
The locking mechanism is easy to use and works wonderfully. In the unlocked position, the leash rolls in and out smoothly on a spring loaded system. 
In the locked position it holds the leash at the desired length securely without slipping. I love that it has easy, one thumb operation and by just moving my arm up, locking the switch and bringing my arm back down, rolls up some of the leash and my pup calmly walks back to me. 
The entire device is well made. The plastic housing is sturdy and comfortable to hold and operate. The nylon leash is smooth, yet strong.


If you have dogs, you know how much a part of the family they are. This is a measure of protection to keep them safe anytime you take them away from home. Whether out for a regular walk, to new places or even to the vet, keeping our pets safe is so incredibly important. This awesome Retractable Leash is available on Amazon. Protect you dog so they can lick your face for many, many years!


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