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Monday, July 6, 2015

Create A Fairy Light Garden! Zitrades Multicolor LED Solar String Lights

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Outdoor lighting is so enchanting! You can create a magical place where the worries and cares of real life are left outside the secret opening.
I was sent these Multicolor LED Solar String Lights from Zitrades to review and I love them! They are truly and completely solar powered.

Solar powered outdoor items sometimes make me wary because I have had so many of them that either didn't work correctly, stopped working after just a few days or didn't work at all. But these are different! There is a little solar panel to soak up the sun during the day and they stay lit for hours and hours each night.
One the garden wall

In the tree

I have had mine outside since about a day after I received them and they have not failed to work at all. Every night they are lit up bright and colorful. 

Being solar powered is such a bonus. You can set them up anyplace! Without having to be restrained by a power outlet you can light up any place you wish! You can charge them during the day and then use them indoors too. You only have to cover the power panel to block light from it. There is a nice length of wire between the power panel and the first light on the strand as well so it can placed out of the way in a garden or hidden if you use them inside. 

In the bushes

Each little light is very small but wonderfully bright. The are LED bulbs so they don't heat up and aren't the fire hazard that regular string lights can be. There are 200 lights on this 58 foot long strand so it can be strung out across some distance, hung overhead or wrapped around an object for great lighting effects. 
A little movement created a photo that made them look like little butterflies!

There are 8 different modes so you can have the lights blinking at different rates, certain colors on or solid. You can have so much fun with these! We have some work to do on the house and as soon as we add a deck to the front, I have plans to use these lights to accent it! I can't wait!

Just having fun with them!

I have used these in my garden and also in some decorative shrubs in our side yard, but they'll also be great for holidays, party decorations and just about any idea you can think up! 


I absolutely love these lights and love that they work as they should! You can light up any area of your yard, your home or any party with these wonderful Solar Powered LED Lights. You can find them on Amazon today!


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