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Monday, June 22, 2015

Men's Silicone Wedding Ring from Smart Band

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You might look at a silicone band and think "How silly is that?", but I am wondering why it took so long? 
I received a Men's Silicone Wedding Ring by Smart Band to review and for some guys, this is so practical.

Many professions have an element of danger for the people that work in them. Some of the dangers are obvious and part of the job is taking precaution to protect yourself and others around you.
One thing not many people think about is whether their jewelry could be a hazard at their job. Because they are something a lot of people never take off, wedding rings are not thought of as a danger. 
When I was a kid, my Dad worked for a trucking company. He had driven the big trucks himself and worked up to being the safety supervisor. He was on the road a lot with that job, but one day while they were between out of town treks, he was down inspecting parts of a big rig and the truck rolled. I don't know if the driver made a mistake or what, but the wheel of a semi rolled over my Dad's arm. Everyone was horrified to see his arm immediately begin to swell freakishly big. He was rushed to the emergency room where they realized his wedding ring was getting swallowed in the continued swell that was occurring. He was in danger of severe damage to his ring finger or even losing it from lack of circulation. They had to hurry and cut it off. 
Miraculously, Dad had not suffered any broken bones. As for damage, he only had some scrapes on his bicep, but his arm has swelled to enormous proportions from his shoulder to his fingertips. It took some time for the swelling to go down, but otherwise he was none the worse for the wear. 
Over the years we have known of people getting badly hurt and even losing their fingers after their wedding ring got caught in machinery at work. There also some jobs where it is just safer to not be wearing metal of any kind. 
Silicone wedding rings remove some dangerous aspects of wearing metal on the job. They are also an alternative to people that are sensitive to metals and can't wear traditional jewelry. You might even like them for thumbs or other fingers! These are lightweight and slide on smoothly. The silicone if hypoallergenic, medical grade silicone so there isn't worries about a reaction. It is comfortable to wear, although I hope in the future there are half sizes offered for a more customized fit. 


If you or your partner needs or wants an alternative to a metal ring, a silicone ring is a great choice. You can find these great rings from Smart Band on Amazon


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