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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Get Jumpin' With The Boson Sport- Jump Rope

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Remember jumping rope when you were a kid? It was one of my favorite recess activities! I remember waiting anxiously for the bell to ring so we could get back out to the playground! Back then we had  two recess periods, time after lunch and time before school if we got there a little early so we spent a lot of time jumping and playing.
I received a Boson Sport Jump Rope to review and it reignited all those memories of jumping rope for fun when I was a kid! 

As an adult exercise sometimes seems more like a chore that we can't wait to finish or that we skip altogether (gulp... Guilty!!). We have to work, we face more responsibilities and there seems to be less time to just be carefree like we were as children. 
Breaking out of our task oriented mind set, even for 20 minutes is so rejuvenating! Jumping rope is not only a healthy cardiovascular exercise, it is FUN. It's a break away from the normal work out, or walk. It is something that you can do right in your own yard and you can involve the kids to! For me it brings back the memories of when we challenged ourselves and our friends to see how many times we could jump without missing and the chants and rhymes we used to say in rhythm to our jumping. I especially loved jumping double dutch! I couldn't do it now to save my life, but it was a blast when I could!
I certainly can't jump quite as long as I used to, but it is still fun! It helps that this is a great piece of equipment. The rope is nylon with cable that doesn't tangle into knots. The foam handles are soft to hold, yet easy to grip without causing pain in your hands. 
There handles are very impressive because they have a metal bushing in the hole where the rope goes through so it moves freely without getting stuck or caught while it is rotating.

The maximum length of the rope is 98.42 inches, but you can adjust or even cut it, if needed. This allows you to personalize your rope to the length that fit you. They have made it super easy to do as well. The handle unscrews and there is a sliding clamp that hold the rope inside the handle. If you only need it shortened by a few inches, you can just pull a little of the rope through the handle and move that clamp down the rope a little and slide the piece over it to tighten and you're done. The extra little bit just stays inside the handle. If you need a little more than a few inches removed, you just pull out what you need, be sure to slide the clamp pieces down below where you'll be cutting, and trim off the length you need. Tighten the clamp and screw the handle back together and you're all set! 
So how do you know if you need to cut the length of the rope? Holding both handles in one hand, hold it out sideways, at shoulder level. The rope should go just to the ground, but not have any excess laying on the ground. 

This is a high quality Jump Rope made to last a long time. You can jump over to Amazon to get a jump rope of your very own. Get the whole family involved and feel like a kid again!


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