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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Protect Little Ears With Kids Safe n Sound Ear Defenders

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Have you ever taken you kids somewhere only to realize too late how loud it is? 

I received the Safe n' Sound Ear Defenders made by Snug and they are great fro protecting those sensitive ears from damaging noises.

There are many causes of hearing loss. It can be from congenital conditions, fluid in the ears, diseases, certain drugs, head injury and loud noises. 
Hearing loss in kids is especially important because it can impede their ability to develop their communication, language and social skills. The things that can affect them for the rest of their lives.  Thankfully we can protect our kids from a lot of the causes. Noise is one of the causes we can easily protect our kids from with little effort. 
The Ear Defenders are great because they can fold compactly and be tucked into a bag so that even if you end up somewhere unplanned, you have what you need to protect those tiny ears. 
With ear protection that fits the kids, you can get out and enjoy outings to air shows, festivals, sports events, or any place that could be noisy. These fit kids as young as 6 months old and can be used through adulthood.
Another use is for children with sensory disorders. Kids can wear them to prevent over-stimulation and help reduce their stress in any noisy situation. 
The Ear Defenders feature a padded headband and ear cushions so they are comfortable for extended use. They are adjustable on both sides for individual comfort. They are very lightweight so little ones can wear without added weight on their heads. They are available in black, green, pink, red, yellow and purple so each child can have a favorite color!

The Single Number Rating (SNR) is 25dB (decibels). These are strong enough to keep the noise levels down into safe ranges for both kids and adults. 


You can find these awesome Safe n' Sound Ear Defenders from Snug over on Amazon. Be prepared for your next festival or just to mow the lawn!


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