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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Infinite Flavor Options With Live Infinitely Infusion Water Bottle

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Most people that know me, know that I usually only drink water. I drink some sweet tea, but I prefer water most of the time. 
I have been a huge proponent of water for years, but never added anything more than a slice of lemon, some True Lemon or True Lime power to it. Within the last several months, I discovered infusion.
With that discovery came the realization that there were many, many different styles of infusion bottles out there. I received this Infuser Water Bottle from Live Infinitely and it is definitely the most unique one yet!

This bottle takes a completely different approach to infusing than anything I have used.  The infuser tube mounts on the bottom of the bottle instead of the top, allowing the fruits to stay submerged longer. In top mount style bottles, once you drink about half of the water, the fruit is out of the water. 
The top also comes off which I like because I can drink most of a bottle full in just a few minutes and like to just refill the bottle and utilize all the juices from my fruits. 

I was a little worried that both ends unscrew on this bottle, but no worries. There are rubber o-rings in both and despite carrying this in my bag and backpack, it has never leaked.

I liked... LOVED this bottle from the first time I used it and my love has only grown. The infuser tube holds a large quantity of fruit and is wide enough to fit large pieces. I like to layer different fruits in the tube and create different flavor combinations. I love using raspberries the most, but have also used cucumbers, blackberries, blueberries, peaches, strawberries, mango and more. I'll be trying grapes very soon!
The lid is the only thing I would change or like to have options. Not that it doesn't work just fine as it is, but because of the wide mouth of the bottle, a flip open spout would be great. Another option that would be great is is it had a flip-top with a straw attached. For me, this would be a tremendous thing because when I am in my clown make up, I can not eat anything or drink from cup without a straw. I would love to be able to have my infused water during those times, but can't since there isn't a straw.
Even with the lid as is, I love having my infused water with this bottle.  Of course you can also infuse tea, juices or any beverage you like. I just happen to like water the most.


If you haven't yet infused or you are like me and infuse regularly, this is a wonderfully unique drink bottle that helps keep the fruit submerged longer and extracting all the juice as you tip is up to drink. The Live Infinitely Infuser Water Bottle is available on Amazon. Get infinite flavor options!


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