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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Always Be Ready To Let The Music Play With 60 Guitar Picks in a Case

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I am in a family full of talented musicians and singers. My husband grew up playing saxophone then switched to drums. His moma is a singer-songwriter and can play piano. His sister played horn all through school. His step dad plays guitar and has a recording studio. Uncles, nieces and nephews from both sides....Needless to say, our family get-togethers on that side often turn into impromptu sing-along, jam sessions.

I can't imagine any of the guitar players not being able to pull a pick from their pocket and start playing. This pack of 60 Guitar Picks from Tambi Music ensures you would never be without a pick. I received one of these to review and it is a great set!

These picks are celluloid and come in 5 different sizes, ranging from thin to heavy gauge for every preference and style of music. 

The case comes with 60 picks, but it will hold up to 100, so you'll never be without. The lightweight case holds the picks securely in divided compartments so you can keep them separated by size and they don't get mixed in transport. The case helps keep them organized and from getting lost! 

The picks are a classic shape for a comfortable grip, giving an amazing sound on any stringed instrument. The high quality material resists tears and breaks. 


These would be a great gift for your stringed instrument players! If you have a beginner, this would be great for them to find what size they prefer and also so they will have plenty of picks to practice. The pack of 60 Guitar Picks from Tanbi Music can be purchased on Amazon. 


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