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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Adorable Toddler Tank Clogs From Clogstrom

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Children's shoes are simply adorable! They are so little! And they are only getting cuter with new designs! I wish these had been around when our son was little because he would have LOVED them! 

I received a pair of Tank Clogs from Clogstrom to review and they are some cute shoes for boys!  These are super cute... or COOL slip on clogs with a tank design. I'm going to give them to our little cousin. I know he will love them and his daddy, an Army veteran, will too!

They simply slide right onto the foot, and if they are a little loose, you can flip the strap back towards the heel to help hold them on.
Tank Clogs are very light so there isn't a heavy, clonky weight that can cause your toddler to trip or fall. With warmer weather it can be hard to get kids to keep their shoes on. They get hot while playing, they might feel uncomfortable in regular lace up shoes when playing outside. And they get tired of having to put them on and take them off for activities like play in the sandbox or the water. With these, they can wear them for all those activities.
They are great for indoor or outdoor play. The bottom is textured and slip resistant. They are durable for rough and tumble little boys. 
They are available in sizes 5 to 9 toddler's. They are well built and made to hold up to the antics of a little boy. 
You can let your little one play outside and even get their shoes dirty because they wash right off and dry very quickly.

In fact, these would be great to wear right into the water or pool to protect there little feet in the pool and when they come out of the water. You don't have to hunt for shoes when they are already wearing them!

Kids will love putting on their shoes, playing in and with their shoes and showing them off everywhere they go! You might not even have to hunt for lost shoes because they won't want to lose these!

The Tank Clogs are available in marbled blue like I received, or in marbled green. Clogstrom has several other designs available for both boys and girls. Kids will go crazy for all of them! There won't be any fight when it comes time to put on shoes. 

The Clogstrom Tank Clogs are available on Amazon. You can also find their other designs there as well. Outfit your boys AND your girls with simply adorable, easy on/off shoes!


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