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Monday, February 9, 2015

Two Gallon Garden Pump Sprayer Review

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I love it when a product is better than I thought it was going to be! The Garden Pump Sprayer from Get Bats Out is fantastic! 
I was given an opportunity to review the sprayer and I am beyond impressed. First, it arrived quickly. Second, it was ready to fill and use right out of the box.
I did take a few seconds to attach the included wand extension and flat spray nozzle, but that is all the time it took. SECONDS. 
Third, is it is easy to carry and maneuver around with the bottle. Of course two gallons has some weight but the shape of this bottle makes it easy to do. 
And fourth, the pump mechanism is super easy to operate and control. It only takes a few pumps of the handle to have strong pressure and the spray comes out good and strong. There's no stooping or hunching over to spray either. The sprayer does most of the work. The whole thing is made super well and is a good quality sprayer!
I mixed up a epsom salt solution to treat our yard and shrubs with and this made it so easy. I used a recipe that called for one ounce of epsom salt per gallon of water. 

The sprayer comes with everything you need but the water! There is the wand attachment, a flat spray tip, a focused stream tip and a collar to attach them to either the nozzle or the wand. And of course the tank and the hose sprayer. The whole thing is uber easy! 
I'll be planting my garden very soon and this sprayer is going to enhance my ability to care for my plants and the soil in which they'll be growing. I do not use any chemicals or pesticides in my garden and I am excited to be able to mix up batches of natural pest control and fertilizing remedies!


If you have the need of a sprayer to feed or treat your lawn, gardens or trees, this two gallon Garden Pump Sprayer from Get Bats Out is an absolutely awesome choice that will last you a good long time. You can find them at Amazon.


Disclosure: I received the product mentioned above for the purpose of review. The opinions stated are 100% my own based on my usage of the product. Your opinions and experience may differ. This post contains affiliate links which only serve to help me in my endeavors to help support my family.

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