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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Landscape Laser Light Review

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Lights are some of the coolest things you can use for decorating, setting a mood, or creating an atmosphere. 
I was super excited to review this Landscape Laser Light! This one has red and green lights. Perfect for Christmas! Until life got busy, I was always the one that decorated the entire front yard for Christmas, I used all kinds of lights. Rope lights, icicle lights, lights that made it look like it was snowing on our house, a projector that cast a photo on the space above the garage door, a projector that showed short filmstrips on the garage door, lighted inflatables..... the whole bit! It used to sometimes take me almost two weeks to get every out and set up the way I wanted.
The Landscape Laser Light creates some great effects. It shines millions of points of light and depending on the position and the distance you place it from where you point it, it can cover a pretty large expanse. 
This light is super sturdy. It has a heavy duty aluminum housing that can withstand being outside. The connectors are weatherproof as well so you can run it safely out into the garden or yard. It comes with a great stake that is just as sturdy as the housing that contains the lamp. You don't have to mess with a cheap wimpy stake that breaks when you try to drive it into the ground or fails to hold up the lamp like it should.
Now, I was disappointed just a little because the outer box and the instruction sheet both described a remote control that allowed for the colors to be used one at a time or both together, but this particular one did not come with a remote. Not being able to control it means you don't have a choice for solid red light or solid green. I played around with it and found that it I put a piece of black electrical tape over one or the other, it effectively blocked one color so only the one I wanted shone out over the trees. I'm not sure how long that would work during our usually wet Decembers though.
With the just the green light

Even without the remote, this is a fun light and I have had a lot of fun playing with it and trying different things.  
Just the Red Light

I would love to get one of these with plain white lights! These would be great for decorating an outdoor nighttime wedding, a reception or party. An occasion that you want to dress up the area. 
 It looks great where ever you want to point it. It makes trees look like you have covered them in tiny lights from top to bottom and on every branch!
Photo bombed by a curious cat!

It instantly transforms an area into a wonderland of lights. This one being green and red reminded me of the Griswold house in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation! Which I absolutely love, but would never have the patience to pull off!

This light gives you instant decoration without a huge amount of time or work, no messing with tangled strands of lights, no climbing on ladders and no worry about stepping on the lights strands on the ground. 
I got to playing around with the laser light and used it with my machine that makes it look like it is snowing on my house. It has a rotating mirror ball inside that tosses the light back onto the house and the movement makes it look like "flakes" are falling. 
I love playing with different lights and have a lot of fun with them. I have played with it indoors as well as outside and it would be great for a party! I'll be experimenting more with this one and find some more uses for it. 

You can find this fun and fantastic Laser Light over at Amazon. Create a party on your landscape! 


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