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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Super Bright LED Rim Lights Review


I was super excited when I found out I would get to review these lights. They looked so COOL! And they are, but just not quite as great as I had hoped they'd be.

The Super Bright LED Rim Lights are a neat novelty. I think kids (and adults!) will really get a kick out of them. The photo on the little card in the package shows a motorcycle and a car wheel, but I would hesitate to promote them for motorcycle or vehicle use because the laws in every area can vary. If you are thinking of these for that purpose I would check the laws in your area first. 

There are no real instructions included either, which would have been helpful, but the lights are fairly easy to figure out. One thing that really might frustrate some people is that without directions, they may not know that the lights unscrew at the midpoint and there is a tiny square of paper that has to be removed so the batteries can make contact. 
I wouldn't rely on these as a safety device for kids to be seen at night on their bikes... It will help them be seen from the side, but probably not very well from directly in front or directly behind. If they are playing around with friends, their friends will see them and it will be cool, but I wouldn't consider them a serious safety device.
I think the biggest issue is the bases are plastic instead of metal. It hinders the functionality. I had problems getting the pieces to thread together and then getting them to thread onto the valve stems. One of my plastic bases was broken when I received them and although the light still works, it is loose in it's socket and will probably fall out and be lost if I use it on my bike. 

So that's the sorta cons I found with these. The pros are that I love flashing, dancing lights. And these are fun! You get six lights and the adapters so it's a decent value. That allows you the choice of matching two blue, two green, two multicolor or mixing them up. It also allows you to put some on other family member's bikes as well! They are colorful and they DO shut off a few seconds after there is no motion. They also come with the little adapter so the can be used Shrader valves, the most common ones used on bikes. Little kids with their first bike would LOVE these as much as adults! And I wouldn't limit your options to a bike wheel! Since has been too wet and cold for me to get out and get photos of these on my bike, I played with them in the house so I could photograph them lit up and in motion! Once they are moving they create all kinds of colors and wild patterns.

If you won't be using them for a while, I would remove them from your bike and either remove the batteries or place s piece of paper inside to break the contact so they will be ready to use the next time. I will be putting them on my wheels when the weather warms back up! I love funky, fun stuff so these will be a great addition! 

Overall, I really, really like the LED Wheel Lights and I think people, both kids and adults, will like them and have fun with them. They are a kicky addition that makes me smile. And they can be a little something extra in addition to reflectors and such, to help you be seen at night. Something I will probably try when I put them back on my bike is to rub a little WD-40 on those threads to see if it makes them work together just a bit better. For me, the pro outweigh the cons and I would get these again and recommend them to the people I know.   

You can find the Speed Racer Super Bright LED Wheel Lights available on Amazon.com. 


Disclosure: I received the product mentioned above in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed are 100% my own based on my usage of the product. You experience and opinion may differ. This post contains affiliate links.

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