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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

VacuPractor For Lower Back Pain Review


I have to admit, this is not what I expected. But I mean that in a good way! I received the VacuPractor to review and I wasn't really sure how it worked, but having back pain, I was totally game to give it a try! 
Over the years both me and my husband have had lower back pain. We both have had sessions with a chiropractor. He has suffered with it longer and quite a bit worse. In addition to the chiropractor he has tried therapeudic massage. 

My every day pain comes from the years of carrying our son around, carrying his stuff, carrying MY stuff, being on my feet a lot, standing on our hard floors and all the other things that strain your back. Some days my lower back feels like it is on fire by the time I lay down at night!
The VacuPractor is so simple it almost seems ludicrous that it could help ease lower back pain. But it does. The first time I used it, I laid down and everything worked just like the directions said they would. The second time, I couldn't get the correct suction to save me. I was beginning to get frustrated and tense, so I stopped trying and waited a bit before trying again. Once I laid down to try again, it worked wonderfully. 
The Vacupractor works by using suction trapped between your body and the device. You wet it by wiping with a damp cloth or spraying it with water. To avoid the shock of cold plastic (and increase the suction) on your skin, you can run it under warm water for a few seconds or wet it in the shower with you. You lay the device on a flat, firm surface. This needs to be done with bare skin to achieve the proper suction. You lay down on it with the "wings" up by your shoulders and the widest part of the device positioned with the narrowest part of your back, approximately where your L4 and L5  vertebras are located. Then relax for 30 seconds. Raise your legs bending at the knee until the small of your back is in contact with the VacuPractor. Hold for 15 seconds. Relax and lower your feet flat to the floor, close to your bottom. You should then feel the suction. 

This is great for relief from the daily stresses and strains on your lower back. I usually use the VacuPractor in the evening or before going to bed.  I am finding that I sleep much better and I wake much better.

If you have lower back pain, the VacuPractor Lower Back Fix could provide the relief  you need. You can check it out on Amazon.com


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