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Friday, December 12, 2014

SunLabz Ultra-Efficient Portable Solar Charger Review


A few years ago some really nasty tornadoes tore through our area. We live in a rural area and our house was without power for more than two weeks. This SunLabz Portable Solar Charger
could have been a helpful device to many during those days of scrambling to connect let family and friends know they were okay or get  information about what was happening in our community amid dead or dying cell phones.

I received a Solar Charger to review and I can easily see the benefit of having one of these handy.
We enjoy camping and hiking and while we like to unplug and go out to enjoy nature, we don't like being totally cut off from civilization. It is reassuring to know we can call for help in the event of a breakdown or other emergency. 
As with any outing, there is always room for the unexpected. Finding you have a dead battery is one of many things that can go off plan, but being prepared makes all the difference. 
This is an awesome charger. Whether you are an on-the-go kind of person or a rugged adventurer that is never near electricity, this is a nifty item to have stashed in your home, in your gear or in your car. All you need is some good sunshine and you have an eco-friendly way to charge your device anywhere you go. 
The two panel charger folds into a thin folio that is easily stored, packed or carried. Behind one of the panels is the direct plug to connect your phone or device using the included USB transfer cable. You can also keep your device in there or other accessories. There is a zippered mesh pocket to store your cables in so they don't get lost and you ensure they stay with the charger.
About the only improvement I can think of that would make it even more awesome, would be an attached flip out kickstand that would allow the charger to be set up anywhere at the recommended 45 degree angle. It is awesome without it, but that would just add some sparkle to to the shine!


This is one piece of equipment that I'll ensure we keep handy whether we have tornadoes in the forecast or we just want to get out and soak up some nature. You can be prepared by getting the SunLabz Portable Solar Charger on Amazon.com


Disclosure: I received a product for review purposes. The opinions expressed are 100% my own, based on my usage of the product. You experience and opinion may differ. This post contains affiliate links.

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