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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Her Darkest Hour Book Review

By: Sandra Hollister

NOTE: This book contains strong views centering around religion and abortion and contains some graphic details. 

This story is written from a Christian standpoint about abortion so some people may be turned off of it for that reason. I received a digital copy of this book for the purpose of review so I tried to read it objectively. 

The subject matter is dark and at times disturbing, but for myself, also interesting from a stand point of the lasting psychological effect any traumatic event causes. 

As for the story itself, it seemed there were a lot of characters introduced very suddenly at the beginning and it was hard to keep them straight. As it went along, it got better about focusing on a character before jumping to another. I found some of the dialog between characters distracting because it didn't seem the way people really speak to each other. Being Christian fiction, there are a lot of Bible references and specific viewpoints. If you do not like overt references to religion and the Bible or if you have starkly different views about abortion, you probably won't enjoy this book.

There are some places where word usage and sentence structures needs to be reworked. It can be distracting when your mind stumbles over mistakes like that. 

At it's heart the story isn't a bad one. It centers on how a family, the Normans, deals with very serious issues, namely abortion and attempted suicide. It explores their feelings of guilt from both sides and how they learn to forgive each other and themselves. It reaches out to include their friends and church family and how having a similar experience affected them each differently and how the chain reaction of events for each of them was at times similar, at times different and how it changed them. The support and forgiveness expressed is inspiring. It offers the hopeful viewpoint that even when a loved one does something we disagree with, we can still love them and support them. 

While the book didn't leave me overly excited, most of the characters did have depth and I found myself wanting to read further to see what happened to them.

It's probably not a book that I would have bought while browsing for something to read, but it was a decent one-time read.


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