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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Arm and Hammer Baking Soda Uses and Tips

Did you know that Arm and Hammer Baking Soda has been around for over 165 YEARS! I sure didn't! I did know that it can be used in more ways than I can count for many different things. At about a dollar a box, it is one of the most inexpensive products yet it's versatility is virtually unmatched. I received an Arm and Hammer pack that included a free sample of baking soda from Smiley360 and have been using it around my home. The shaker is super handy! Most people know you can put a box into the fridge or freeze to absorb odors, but you can use baking soda in almost every area of your home. The uses are endless! Here are a few of my personal favorites!

~ Hair Cleanser: Baking soda is great at removing the built up residue from dirt and styling products. There are a few ways people do this. Some sprinkle a little baking soda into their hand along with their shampoo. Other forego the shampoo altogether and put a few tablespoons of baking soda into a bottle with water. 

~ Teeth and Mouth: You can whiten and bright your teeth by sprinkling some baking soda into a small dish and dipping your toothbrush into it. Brush and rinse thoroughly. Bad breath? Put 1 teaspoon in a half glass of water. Swish, spit and rinse.

~ Hand Cleanser: Baking Soda is a great hand cleanser. You can mix 3 parts baking soda to 1 part water or 3 parts to your hand soap for a tough cleanser that is easy on your skin. When my husband gets grease on his hands,  I pour it directly on his hands and he rubs them together then rinses.

~ Laundry: Adding baking soda helps get clothes cleaner, fresher and brighter. It deodorizes to get out musty or stale smells.

~ Kitchen: Baking soda is a favorite of mine for greasy pots and pans. It cuts grease like magic! It is great for removing baked and burnt on foods. I was able to salvage a pan that I had burnt something in and even though I had gotten most of it out, the pan was no longer very useful because no matter what I did, foods stuck like crazy to it. I used hot water and baking soda to scrub out the bottom until it was shiny again and now it cooks beautifully again!

Baking soda makes coffee pot clean up a breeze! when I was a teen and worked in a fast food restaurant, I was taught to use salt and ice to clean out the coffee pots. I like baking soda better! It keeps our glass carafe sparkling and looking like new! 

~ Pets: Baking soda is great to use in the care of your furry friends. From cleaning their toys, to deodorizing the litter box and freshening bedding you can keep your home smelling fresh. I use baking soda to clean our bunny's cage and litter box. It keeps their home smelling fresh and clean.

~Bathroom: Baking soda cleans and deodorizes the surfaces in the the bathroom. I use it to clean and freshen the toilet, to remove build up from hair products on the counter and cleaning the sinks out. Mixed with heated vinegar, baking soda make a great drain cleaner for a slow running drain. 

These are but a few of the many uses for baking soda around the home. Once I started using it, baking soda has become my "go-to" cleaner. It doesn't let me down! It is super economical and safer to use around your family and pets than chemical laden cleaners. It can also be used for fun stuff from baking up cookies and other goodies to crafts. Here's a fun project so you can be ready for a rainy day with the kids.

DIY Watercolors

- 2 Tablespoons Arm & Hammer Baking Soda
- 2 Tablespoons flour
- 2 teaspoons sugar
1 packet* dry, unsweetened drink mix (any flavor)

Step 1: Mix dry ingredients in a bowl.

Step 2: Add water and stir until fizzing stops (different flavors of drink mix will yield different colors)

Step 3:  For more intense colors, a few drops of food coloring may be added to the mix.

Step 4: Paint with them right away or you can pour into jar lids, plastic tray or an ice cube tray to let them harden for future use. 

* Drink packets can vary in size. Use enough drink mix to make two quarts.

You can find even more tips, uses and products at the Arm & Hammer site.


Disclosure: I received this Arm & Hammer pack as part of my participation with Smiley360. Any opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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