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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Solar Sonic Spike Review and Giveaway

Do you have burrowing animals destroying your lawn and landscaping? I DO! They cause unsightly crazy lines across the grass where the dirt is pushed up, holes and piles where they have dug out to resurface.

We have the added problem of our dogs being able to sense them and dig holes in an effort to find them! Unfortunately, they occasionally DO find them and when they do, they think they have found a new toy and they play it to death.... literally. Bleck! It is not a pretty sight.

This is a 6" - 8" hole from the dogs trying to find a mole!

I received a Sweeney's Solar Sonic Spike to review. Not a moment too soon.. A mole or gopher went crazy in our yard! There are all kinds of lumps and bumps criss-crossing. The tunnels create soft places that collapse when you step on them and the unevenness makes it very hard to remain in a standing position! 
A burrow line that came from outside the fence to the inside.

So I got this spike out. It came with the rechargeable batteries and when I put them in, nothing happened. The directions stated I should hear it within about 30 seconds, but the spike was silent. I checked the batteries an made sure they were in correctly. Yep. Nothing. I put in some regular batteries just to see...BBZZZ!! Scared the snot out of me! So I put the rechargeables back in. Nothing. Then I thought, well it is solar rechargeable, so I propped it in a house plant near a window so I could get ready to go outside and put it in the ground... I was still wandering around doing stuff when I heard a strange noise. I looked around, but it only lasted a second. Went in search of my shoes. There was that sound again. looked around. What the heck WAS that?!? After about three times, it dawned on me the spike was doing it! :) It was short weak bursts, so it didn't register at first.
I finally made it outside and as soon as the direct, bright afternoon sun hit that solar panel, the buzzing got loud and strong!

I dug my hole right in the area that the mole has done the most damage. Other than the fact that we have not had an rain in few weeks, making the ground a little hard, the spike was very easy to put together and install. The spike has a range of about 130 feet diameter (unobstructed), so that should radiate out over the area that is being affected right now. 

I marked the spike so whoever is on the mower or weed eating will see it

The Solar Sonic Spike Pro utilizes the principle of centrifugal force to create sound and vibration by motor. The Hyperpulse Technology is the most effective, humane, and environmentally friendly way to keep your yard and garden free of burrowing animals such as moles, shrews, voles, pocket mice and gophers. In addition to stopping the mole damage, I am hoping to see a reduction in the number of mice we see! I love that this doesn't harm our pets and we don't have to resort to dangerous chemicals that would be harmful to them. The burrowing critters however, will find the 30 second intervals of vibrating irritating and want to leave for some place quieter!
The batteries should last 4-6 months so I should potentially only have to replace the batteries twice, maybe three times a year. It is very rugged aluminum construction to withstand being in the ground and around water. In the case of bad weather, a full charge allows the spike to continue working for four days for uninterrupted protection. I am so far very pleased with this! It is user friendly, uncomplicated and safe. 

Could you use a Sweeney's Solar Spike? They have graciously allowed one of my readers to win one!  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Cheshire Cat said...

I dislike the snakes because I don't know what kind most of them are.

Emily Smith said...

I don't like opossums, snakes, or rats

Our Wolves Den said...

I hate anything that "scurries". But I don't mind rats {we have three for pets}. Mice on the other hand- well that will send me to top of the highest piece of furniture.

desitheblonde said...

the mole is tearing up the yard up here hey tried to get rid of him for 4 years

Neva Hurlbut said...

Armadillos tear up our yard, especially after we water. I wasn't even aware that we had moles in our area until I discovered one after our yard flooded and a drowned mole surfaced. Yuck!

stephanie artress said...

Moles are my enemie