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Monday, August 18, 2014

Saving Eggshells for the Garden

 I save my eggshells and coffee grounds to add nutrients to the soil in my garden and in my potted plants. This is how I save them up to use in the Spring or as needed.
First I rinse them off and put them in a cup I keep next to the sink. I place them in the cup so they aren't nested together and trapping any water inside them. 

They air dry pretty quickly. Once dry, I usually drop them into a plastic grocery sack until the sack is at least half full. Once I have a supply of shells I get out a big bowl, a cleaned out milk jug, a can, a funnel and a screwdriver. I would normally use my large plastic bowl, but it is white and the shells are white sooooo......the blue glass bowl it is.
You could put the shells in a Ziploc bag and use a rolling pin, but I do it this way because eggshells are very sharp and quickly make holes in plastic bags. I prefer the bowl so I am not needlessly throwing away plastic bags.
 First I use the solid end of the can to crush the large pieces of shell.

The I flip the can over and use the open end to further crush the shells into smaller pieces

I use the top half of a rubbing alcohol bottle as a funnel. It has a larger opening than my kitchen funnels and fits into the top of the milk jug.

It also holds a can full of shells at a time.

I use my screw driver to stir the shells around a little so they go though the funnel quickly.

I store the shells in the milk jug until I am ready to use them in my garden. I store dried coffee grounds the same way. I normally store with the lids off, but as long as there is no moisture trapped inside, the lids can be put on to prevent spilling.

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