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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tuesday Thoughts and Thinks

I don't go in for all the celebrity worship. I don't even watch awards shows, reality shows and the like. However, there are a few people I would love to meet or would have loved to meet. 

1. Princess Diana ~ She seemed to have so much compassion! She carried herself so well, was graceful and yet still seemed so approachable. The way she was with children, her own as well as those she visited was so amazing. I would have loved to been able to spend some time with her, the person. 

2. Marilyn Monroe ~ There's been so much written about Marilyn, it's hard to imagine there would be anything not known about her, but I think there was more. I have read about her, watched her music, listened to her recorded songs. I think had she lived and been able to break free of the "studio system" that existed we would have seen a totally different woman than the one remembered. She was very insightful, intellectual and much smarter than she was generally given credit for. 

3. Harper Lee ~ I know very little about this woman but her novel "To Kill A Mockingbird" has been a favorite since I first read it in elementary school. The story itself is fascinating and it would be equally as fascinating to hear her talk about life during that time period since she witnessed that time firsthand.

4. Sterling North ~ The author of Rascal, another favorite book from childhood. I connected with the story for some reason I can't explain. I love it still. Raccoons have always been a favorite animal of mine too so maybe that's why. He grew up in an area I have never been too and during a time before I existed so it would be interesting to be able to talk to him.

5. Bette Davis ~ She is commonly referred to as a "bitch" but Bette Davis seems to have been a fascinating woman. She got the reputation because she wasn't afraid to play the unlikable characters and took on roles other actresses refused to play for for that very reason: they wanted to be seen as the good girls, the heroine of the story. She was a perfectionist and very hard worker. She was a woman that earned many firsts in her life: First female president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, won the Academy Award for Best Actress twice, was the first person to earn 10 Academy Award nominations and was the first woman to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Film Institute. She was so professional in her career that when things were She lived through many decades of change, both personally and professionally. 

6. Joan Crawford ~ She's another one that people tend to think of as "bitchy", but breaking into Hollywood during a time when everything was male dominated it is a sort of understood. She was on her own, with virtually no support and had to look out for herself. Most people only know her name because of the movie "Mommie Dearest" and while aspects of the movie have been said to be true, I still think there was a lot more to her than what meets the eye. She was beautiful in her younger years, and I think she probably had more intellect than she's given credit for. It would be quite the experience to get to talk with her.
7. Health Ledger ~ Ledger fascinated me from the moment I saw him. There was something in his demeanor. He kept an air of mystery about himself, about his thoughts. From what I've read of him, he refused to compromise himself for the sake of a role or for more money. We didn't get the benefit of a huge body of work from him, but I think he could have and probably would have done some wonderful things had he lived longer. It would have been a unique experience to talk with him.


This is just a short list of some people I find fascinating. There are many more I could list. Most are sadly already gone. I would love to have had the opportunity to talk to, listen to and delve into the intellect and knowledge of these people. Their character, passion, integrity are things that would be wonderful to experience first hand. 

Who would you talk to and what would you ask, if you could talk to anyone?

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