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Sunday, January 12, 2014

REVIEW: Hershey's Spreads

I received a jar of Hershey's Spread through my participation with #Crowdtap and the #spreadpossibilities sampling event. I have done sampling events with them in the past and this one started out no different. Until the sample didn't arrive as expected! It got held up in the snarled mail mess during the holidays and bad weather. When it finally did arrive, the package was a little battered and the spread was FROZEN! Thankfully it thawed just fine and I must say it was worth the wait!!!! I didn't get to let as many people sample it and we didn't get to try it on as many foods as I would have liked had it arrived on time, but I will continue to share because it is good! I received the Chocolate with Almond spread.

Hershey's Spreads can make any snack something special! We tried it on a variety of things:

Homemade Amish Bread 

Saltine Crackers


Biscoff Biscuits

And Popcorn

I have to admit, the celery wasn't my favorite but I could see where kids might like it to jazz up a veggie snack. I didn't have any apples on hand but this would be fabulous for an apple dip! It was delicious on the Amish bread. The spread was tasty on the saltine crackers, giving a great mix of salty and sweet. Biscoff cookies are some of my favorite so I had to try it on those! It was very good, lending it's creamy texture and sweetness to the crunch of the cookie. For the popcorn we popped up some kettle corn and melted the Hershey's spread for a few seconds in the microwave. That made a very good mix too! A tasty mix of salty, sweet, creamy and crunchy.
It goes without saying, that the new Hershey's Spreads go great with a variety of foods and can be used in several different ways. One thing I am going to try soon is to use it in my Amish Bread recipe. It melts so smooth and creamy, it will enhance the flavor and texture! 
I can say without reservation that I think almost anyone would like Hershey's spreads whether to add to a special event or to dress up a kid's snack on occasion. The possibilities are boundless! Pretzels, apples, funnel cakes, toast, cresent rolls and more!

Disclosure: While I received a sample of the product mentioned in this post through my participation with Crowdtap, the opinions expressed are all mine based on my own use of the product. Your opinion may differ from mine.

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