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Monday, December 16, 2013

Why Are Some People So Mean?

I am struggling to understand this basic question this morning. Last week I found our cat, Spot injured. I brought him in and tried to find what was wrong. There was a few traces of blood but on the ends of his fur, not a large amount.  He was favoring a leg and groaned and growled at me (which he never does to anyone). We live in a rural area and I don't have a car during the day, so I made him comfortable in his pet bed. Spot and our dogs, Cotton and Rusty, are best buddies, especially Cotton so they kept coming to the door looking in. Our initial thoughts were that Spot had either gotten attacked by one of the stray dogs that have recently showed up in our area or that he got hit by a car. Imagine my shock and anger when I found out that it was neither. Spot had been shot! Someone in our neighborhood shot him. Someone we probably know. Someone whose animals probably traverse our property regularly without so much as a harsh word. Who would do such a thing? 
Spot spent the weekend at the vet's and we still don't know if his leg will heal. The reality is he may never be able to use it again and it may have to be amputated. I am praying for a miracle.


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