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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Quickie Snowman Ornament

This is simply a coffee filter and a canning jar ring and lid. I brushed some white paint over the center of the coffee filter and then painted on a face. I used the lid piece to center the face and ran a thin layer of glue around the inside of the ring where the lid fits flat against it. Holding the edges of the filter on the back side of the lid I pressed it into place. I wanted the solidness of the lid behind my face so it would get ripped or get a hole in it so after the first line of glue was holding the filter pretty firmly, I took the lid back out, rand another thin line of E6000 glue, on that same flat edge of the ring. I then just pressed the lid back in place Glue some ribbon around the outer side of the ring that doubles as a hanger and boom! Done! Quick, easy and cute! 
Some other ideas for this might be to make ornaments with a new baby's hand or foot print or let the kids draw a picture on it as a gift to grand parents or the teacher. Let your imagination go with it! :)

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