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Monday, December 9, 2013

A Heavy Heart and A Troubled Mind

Sometimes things happen that are unexpected and when they do it can be shocking and sad. I try to be positive on this blog because there is so much negativity all around us and I prefer to be happy and optimistic... but this past week something happened that has weighed me down. On Thursday Dec. 6th, a fellow blogger was murdered. Christine from Adventures of a Thrifty Mama, along with her 14 year old son Issac Miller, was killed by her estranged husband. He then killed himself. Thankfully her other three children were with other family for the night and were not forced to witness this. But they are still victims.
 I didn't know this lady in person or even very well in our online lives, but our paths had crossed through the giveaways we help promote and the groups we belong to. I found out about what happened on Friday morning as I began to check my messages, and word quickly spread through our blogger world. I think it is pretty safe to say that even though a lot of us have never met in person, the blogger community shares a kinship with one another. We work together, we help where we can and we pull together to support each other. And I know there will be support for Christine's precious children. 
My heart hurts when I hear stories like this. It hurts for Christine who was working to create a better live for her kids. It hurts that those kids not only have to now grow up without her, but they will forever live with the knowledge that their own father was the one that took it all away from them. It hurts that he chose to do this terrible thing now, at a time of year when little hearts are getting excited about Christmas and are so hopeful. Christmastime for three little ones will forever be marred by the loss of their mama. 
My heart hurts, but my mind asks the questions. I didn't know until after the fact about the struggles Christine had been through trying to get away from the abuse. But others did. I get angry that the laws stopped short of protecting her from a known danger. My mind reels. How does a man, heck any person, hurt the person they once supposedly loved? How does one hurt their own children in such a way? I can not fathom these questions. So many questions have circulated in my mind these last few days and I try to make sense of the details of Christine's story. But mostly I think of three beautiful precious children that over the next few weeks will be subject to emotions they were not prepared for and probably won't understand. I pray that their family can help ease the pain and help them navigate this sudden, terrible turn their lives have taken. I pray. And I weep. For three kids left alone, a mother and son gone too soon. 
RIP Christine. 
If you would like to donate to help Christine's children, her church has set up a memorial fund.

I know Chris' parent can use and will appreciate any help as they work to make room for the kids at their home.
If you would like to find updates about what is needed, you can check in with their church family on their Facebook page

Disclosure: This is not in any way a paid or sponsored post.

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