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Friday, November 15, 2013

Thankful Post Day 15

I haven't posted my daily thankful posts because I got busy this week cleaning around our house. Man we have a lot of stuff! I have been going through stored stuff, stacked stuff, stuff we haven't really taken the time to sort in quite some time. Life got in the way. As I was sorting, deciding what I wanted to keep, and what was... well junk, I found some things I knew I wanted to keep and started filling garbage bags with the rest. As I have worked my way from one space to the next, I thought about how blessed I am. I am blessed to have a house to get messy. I have things that I treasure not because of what they are or for their monetary value, but because we have people in our lives that have given or made us these things and they were given as gifts out of love. More and more I feel the need to simplify our surroundings. Going through our spaces I have had the time to think about what we have in those spaces and whether we truly need or want it there. As I have done this sorting I have thought about how because I am blessed I have the opportunity to pass some of the blessing along in the form of our outgrown clothing and shoes, toys no longer played with and possibly even some furniture. So out of this pretty industrious week I am thankful because I am going to be able to spread some blessings around during what is a pretty rough time of year for some people and through that maybe give a little hope and joy too. And just maybe, they'll be inspired to do the same for someone else. 
Now I just have to retrain my guys that the chairs and floors are not places to dump everything when they come home and to put things away where they belong.... that's totally possible right?

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