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Friday, October 25, 2013

Sensing Spirits and Other Strange Occurrences

Have you ever visited a haunted place or seen something you couldn't really explain? Ever experienced a spooky moment? My husband's Grandmother had visions of a spooky nature. She often would dream or see something shortly before someone died. She was once washing dishes and looked out the window above her sink and saw a ghostly white coffin float by. The next day a family member passed away. In another instance, she woke one night to see Harry, our dear friend and my husband's step-father sitting in the chair in the corner of her bedroom. She said it was as if he were really there and she could see him clear as day. He too passed away within a day or so of this "visit". There are stories of her having such visions over the course of her life. My mother-in-law (Moma) was very distraught of the loss of Harry. We all were. It wasn't wholly unexpected since Harry's health was poor and he had been on dialysis for some time, but our thoughts had been preoccupied with preparations for Christmas and he died on Christmas Eve Day. Moma's grief was deep and I think she felt lost, like she didn't know what to do next. She told me she sometime's felt his presence. One day she said was in her room and as often happened when she thought of Harry, she began to cry. Within a few moments, she felt his presence again, but this time it was in a very real physical sense, even though she couldn't see anyone there. Suddenly there was movement and she watched as an indention appeared at the end of the bed. It was the shape of someone sitting down! She felt a peace come over her and felt Harry telling her everything was okay and that she would be okay too. 
Even before Harry died we had some spooky moments. Between all of us we were maintaining three different houses: Moma's house, Harry's house (It is called the Castle) and a house he had built (the Bluff House). His intention had been to sell the Castle and live in the Bluff House. He did move to the Bluff House for a short time but he truly loved the Castle and went back. My sister-in law (J) and her fiance (H) moved into the Bluff House, while hubby and I lived in Moma's house and she and Harry lived in the Castle. Our lives were so intertwined at the time that each of us had keys to all the houses. I could walk into the door of "our" place and be able to tell at the moment the door opened that someone had been there and could usually sense who had been there. J and H lived in the spookiest of the three houses. J was in college and H worked a full time job and there were many times she came home and there would be water rings on the counter in the kitchen. Now the Bluff house was called that because it was built on a bluff over looking the lake. It had HUGE windows and sliding glass doors on that side of the house and the sun shone in those windows from the afternoon until nightfall. Water on the counter didn't just stay there. It dried faster than you could get something to wipe it up. At first J thought maybe one of us had stopped by while she was at class, but when she mentioned it to us, we had not been there. She started noticing things being moved. The laundry detergent would be missing from the shelf and she would find it in the washer or dryer, with the doors/lid closed. The water rings continued to appear on the counter. Sometime later we found out that two women had been murdered and thrown from the bridge that could be seen from the lake view side of the house. It was spooky! There was further development of the subdivision, more houses built and the Bluff House was sold. J was pretty relieved to be out of there! 
I remember once when I was a kid, being at a slumber party with a bunch of other girls and walking by a mirror and seeing the image of a lady in a long white gown and looking behind me to see who it was. There was nothing. When I looked in the mirror again, it was gone. I thought nothing of it until later after the girl's parents were asleep and several of the girls started wanting to play "scary games" and tell stories... they told some ghost stories then we played a game called Light As A Feather, Stiff As A Board. Then someone wanted to play Bloody Mary. I had never heard of these type games, but up until then we had been having fun. As they proceeded with Bloody Mary a few of them started saying they could see a lady in a white gown. I did not see her during the game but it freaked me out a bit. Sometime later I was at the house of one of my friends who had been at the party. I went to use the restroom and I saw the lady again. Just a glimpse, then she was gone again. When I went back to her room I told her what I had seen and she got very scared. She said we hadn't "put her away" after bringing her out. I just shrugged. I don't recall having seen that image since.
One last spooky incident.... one night as hubby's Grandma and Grandpa were sleeping, Grandpa was startled awake, He lay there a moment and decided to get up to use the bathroom. As soon as he stood up from the edge of the bed, lightning came through the window, struck the mattress right where he had been laying and left a cross shaped tear/rip in the sheet!

What spooky things have you seen or felt? Have you ever seen a ghost? What strange occurrence has left you speechless and unable to explain? What is your favorite ghost story?

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