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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Body Shaming Kids On Halloween?

A Fargo North Dakota woman is making headlines with a letter she intends to hand out instead of candy to kids visiting her house for Halloween.....
Here's a news item about it. Below is the letter:

My thoughts are she has stepped out of bounds on this one. I doubt she is a doctor so it's not her place to "diagnose" anyone. She's doing all the things we try to teach our kids NOT to do.. judge others based on appearance, bullying, making presumptions..... There are kids with medical issues or problems they were born with. They have no control is situations like that. Getting a letter handed to them telling them they are fat, is certain to put their self esteem right in the toilet. It's people like this that lead kids to eating disorders and worse. It's really none of her business to tell others how to raise their kids.  Another thing that bothers me about this letter is it is written like she is addressing the adults, but it is the KIDS that she will be handing to when they come to her door.
Woman needs to just keep her letters to herself and leave of the porch light on Halloween.

What do you think about her handing out this letter to kids? 

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