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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Blogging, Bloggers and Friends

     When I started my blog I had no idea where I wanted it to go. I really had not idea what to even put in this little space that I was going to be my own little part of the world wide web. I created it, posted a few things and then got busy with so many other things in life, it was pushed to a back burner. I posted a few random things, but by and large it was not a significant part of my life. Little more than a year ago, I began seeing giveaways on Facebook and entering and I noticed very quickly that they were linked to bloggers and it brought mine back into focus. I had absolutely no one seeing or following so I began to join in promoting the giveaways for a little exposure and try to gain some experience. Still have a ways to go on both counts.
      However, another funny thing happened..... I began talking with these others bloggers. Putting names with blog titles, reading the thoughts they have written, having people that could help and answer questions when I felt stuck. Having people that understand when I need to rant about frustrations that pop up in the blogsphere. I find myself in a wonderful mix of company that makes me totally laugh out loud or even cry depending on where our discussions wander. I feel their elation during happy moments and ache with them when they are having trouble or suffer a loss. I have never met these people face to face but they have become an important group of people. Our experiences vary as we have all been blogging for different amounts of time have very different life experiences and lifestyles. I belong to one group that is particularly close and it is great. I get to see different viewpoints and opinions without anyone getting bashed or torn down. Every day brings us something new to discuss and we revel in gladness and wallow in despair together. Being connected to people you wouldn't know if you passed them on the street sometimes seems like a strange situation. But when I consider that I live near family that I rarely get to see just because everyone's schedules conflict, it really isn't all that strange. It's reassuring to know there is a group of people that are willing to help at the click of a submit button and are there to listen when I need an ear.
     So for all my "bloggie" buddies, I have to say thank you for not only helping me get back on my blogging journey, but for being there to help me navigate it!

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