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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Midnight Strolls

     I am probably a little strange off normal. I like to walk to our mailbox  after dark... WAY after dark. Like midnight. Or 2 AM if Mr. Insomnia is paying me a visit. As much as I like daylight, I like night time just as much. I wish I didn't HAVE to sleep! And all bets are off if there are thunderstorms with cloud to ground lightening! I love watching and trying to get photos of lightening. Thankfully we live in a rural area or my nighttime jaunts might attract the kind of people that might carry me off for a night in the pokey. Our house is up on a hill so it is a nice little walk to the mailbox. You can make it whatever kind of walk you want, but it usually is dependent on the weather. Freezing weather makes it a VERY quick trip! Usually cold and light rain don't deter me. I just wear my rain jacket or a heavier coat, scarf hat and mittens. If it's a clear night the stars look like they are close enough to touch. Meteor showers are a great show from the driveway. The night sounds are as soothing as a lullaby. Birds cheeping, dogs barking, cats sometimes screech, owls hoot, coyotes howl. On foggy nights or when there is snow on the ground the sounds are muted and muffled. It is not unusual for "going to get the mail" to turn into a 30 minute excursion. Even longer if I happen to see something I want to photograph. Mr. Frown and the Jester sometimes forget I've even left the house and are surprised when I walk back through the door! 
     The other night I stepped out "to get the mail" and discovered our entire area had been enveloped in a thick fog. Just the kind of thing to excite me! I got the mail and ran back to the house for my tri-pod. The light was playing through the branches of a tree and I couldn't resist. 


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