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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I Won A Classic Flame Decorative Electric Fireplace!!!

I keep seeing other bloggers and site owners getting questions, comments and flat-out accusations that the giveaways aren't real. I can attest that they are real. Very much so! I won this Classic Flame Electric Fireplace and Mantle in December. I couldn't believe it when i saw that email telling me I had won! I was so excited  when, to my complete surprise, it was delivered on Christmas Eve Day! 
I had to just bring it in and set it aside though because we were busy with our family gatherings and such.
 I wasn't able to begin assembling it until after Christmas.

I usually prefer light wood, but I was in love when I saw the rich color of the wood panels! 

My heart sank when I pull one inner box from the larger out box and I saw the crushed corner. I knew there was probably damage...it was obvious that the box had been dropped on that corner. I unpacked the rest of the pieces and inspected everything else. Fortunately, the other pieces all looked good and I didn't find any other damage.

I immediately stopped what I was doing, took the picture, grabbed the booklet and got online to send the company an email. Since the wood was very splintered, I found their site, clicked the link to contact them, attached the photo and sent it... a little later that evening I received an automated reply stating that they had changed how they interact with their customers and their was a link to an online form.. Grrr.. why couldn't that for have come up the first time? So I went and (re-) filled in what turned out to be a very detailed form that took me much longer to fill out and after all the aggravation of finding exact model numbers and such, I didn't see the link to attach the photo..  In my message I explained the situation and I asked them if they would send me a single replacement panel.  I didn't really expect a response because of the holidays, but a human responded  (via the communication tool on the contact form) within a day or so letting me know that the warehouse was in fact closed for the holidays and that as soon as they returned, they would check to see if they had the panel in stock. So far so good. Prompt, friendly responses. Gave me a good feeling about the company up to that point. So I set all the pieces aside until I heard back from them. I finally heard back after New Years and it was a message to say that had the panel I needed in stock. Then another message to say that they would be glad to get it shipped right out ... as soon as I paid $25.00 for shipping! They were happy to tell tell me the panel was free but I would have to pay shipping... I don't mind saying I was a little stunned and could not respond right away. I had to think that over. I finally responded to them that I would NOT be completing the order form for the panel. I felt like that was me paying for someone else's mistake or bad job performance (The box was clearly marked with weight of 70 pounds and that it required two people to lift). I have also helped own and run a company with my husband and making a customer happy was always first and foremost. And making a customer pay for something that was beyond their control just seems wrong. So I was not happy with THAT portion of the whole experience. It took me another day of working on the broken panel. I glued and clamped it and had to let it sit over night to dry. Then sanded tiny bits at a time over and over to get it smooth, and finally colored it in with the touch-up pen that had been included.

While the  damaged panel was clamped and drying, I began  assembling the rest. As you can see I had a "supervisor" checking my work!
The cabinet came together nicely.

My "helpers" doing their part!

The cabinet was very easy for me to assemble by myself. I had it on the blanket so I could move it easily on our wood floor and the only thing I needed help with was adjusting the mantle to get it on all the support pegs at once. I am just too short to be at both ends at once! I think my other "supervisor" is happy with the finished product!

 The heater has an on screen display, a temperature variation from 68 - 84 degrees, warms up to 400 square feet, Multi-color flame for a realistic look, the flames are adjustable from glowing logs to a dim fire, up to fll flame and glow, the "fire" works without the heat, on screen display fades to black after use. There are four function buttons on the front as well as a convenient remote control. So far one little thing that is inconvenient is that you can't adjust the temperature using the remote. You have to use the function buttons on the front and they cycle through the selections so you have to push them until you get to the desired setting for each thing.

Right now I've been using it in the living room, but we can use it in any room for zone heating. We are thinking of making a little platform bottom with casters so we can roll it around easier. I am thrilled and super grateful to have won this!! 

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