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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Keurig Vue V700 Brewer


I received a Keurig Vue V700 Brewer last month to try and demonstrate at a party. Our good coffee maker had bit the dust and we were existing with the back-up, an old plastic thing that smells when it heats up and dispenses into a carafe that doesn't keep the coffee hot for any length of time, so it goes without saying, I was super excited to be chosen! We had looked at Keurig brewers online and in stores and were undecided about getting one. Not really understanding how they worked, I didn't know if I'd like the little cups and making single cups of coffee. Now having used the machine for about a month, I can say I LOVE it! It is quite cool to be able to fix a cup of coffee to one person's liking and then fixing the beverage of my choice immediately afterwards. You can adjust the brew to the size of the cup, adjust the water temperature and make hot or cold beverages. I had my first cappachino and my first iced coffee a few weeks ago. Both were much better than I had allowed myself to think they would be. I like to add a splash of sugar to my cappachino and since I like flavored creamers and sometimes a little sugar in my coffee, I add the ice after brewing instead of before. That's the beauty in the system. You make it how YOU want it. There are a few flavors we have tried that are just too strong for our taste, mainly the dark roast and a few of the medium roast varieties, but I know there are some people that would love those varieties. There is a hot cocoa cup that is divine! The sweet tea is good. If you are ever doubt about how to make any of the varieties, there are nifty instructions on the side of the boxes with the recommended settings and sizes. The Keurig Vue Cups already come in lots of varieties and they are adding more to the collection as time goes on and I anticipate trying many more of them. It appears there may also be a reusable filter cup soon so you'll be able to use your favorite coffee as well as the Vue cups. I look forward to having this machine for a long time!


On a side note, I have also found the Keurig Vue to be something of a convenience in our sometimes pushed-for-time morning routine... it is awesome to use for instant hot water for oatmeal!

Disclosure: I received the Keurig Vue V700 as well as a selection of Vue cups and other supplies as a host of a House Party to demonstrate the machine. All copyrights and trademarks belong to their respectful owners, but the opinions on this item are all mine.

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